It's here: The debut EP from Father Hands, Damage of Love. We've all been impacted by love; it leaves no one unscathed. This music provides a glimpse into the ups and downs of relationships, telling the story of love and loss and love again.

we are Father Hands

Two brothers, we're less like Noel and Liam and more like siblings who make music together and don't hate each other. We write about what we know. We are Father Hands.

Vocals, Keys, Programming / Joshua Short
Drums, Guitar, Production / Jordan Short

All music and lyrics by Joshua and Jordan Short
Design, Photo, Art Direction / Jordan Short
Album Art Photography / Ryan Smallhands

Choir in "Any Anything" / Ash, Luke, Josh, Jordan
Production, Engineering, Guitars / Luke Buishas

Mixing, Engineering / Ryan Maier
Mastering / Joey Fernandes